Brake Repairs, Fitting & Replacements in Falkirk

JM Motor Engineers have years of experience in repairing, fitting and replacing brakes so if you think you may have any issues with your own brakes give us a call on 01324 611492 or send us a message via the contact form. When it comes to your brakes you should never take any chances - if there are any doubts at all over how they're performing or how they sound you should have them checked by one of our expert mechanics who can carry out checks, repairs or replacements if needed.

High quality motor engineering

The expert mechanics at JM Motors in Falkirk are fully trained in the latest techniques and have access to the very best in moden equipment so you can rest assured your car will be in safe hands. We deal with faulty brakes every day so we know what we're looking for when it comes to finding issues.

Problems with your brakes?

The following are the most common signs of faulty brakes:

Brakes feeling juttery when applied (could be a worn down brake pad)

  • Brakes feeling juttery when applied (could be a worn down brake pad)

  • A grinding or squealing noise when braking

  • Loss of efficiency when braking heavily or a long descent

  • Rear wheels locking when braking

  • Vehicle pulling to one side when braking

  • 'Soft' Brake pad (brake is more easily pressed down and goes down further than normal)

Expert Testing

When inspecting your brake system our expert mechanics will check the following:


  • Pads/shoes

  • Rotor/drum wear

  • Calipers and wheel cylinders

  • Hydraulic fluids

  • Brake hardware

  • Hoses and lines

  • Anti-lock system (if applicable)

  • Master cylinder

At JM Motor Engineers we can supply you with all required parts needed to fix or replace your vehicle brakes so we can have you back on the road as safely and quickly as possible. We will only ever offer you replacements parts if it is completely necessary and we promise they will offered at an extremely competitive price.

To book your appointment or to find out more information about our services call us on 01324 611492 or send us a message via the Contact Us page. We look forward to speaking with you.

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